Misanthropy Is So Underrated

Cryptic is So Overrated

Posted in Overrated by mpal219 on 23/10/2009

Cryptic Crossword PuzzleCryptic: having or seeming to have a hidden or ambiguous meaning

Since I was a small child I have grown up mostly around women. I was the youngest in my house with mostly my sisters around, most of my friends are girls, even my current living situations are with girls. (It is very unfortunate that I am not really into them romantically–but I digress.) I have done a lot of soul searching in order to figure out why  I like women so much more than man. Because women live by the motto ‘cryptic is so overrated.’

One of my favourite people in the world is my friend Renee. She is the furthest thing from cryptic. If she has an issue with you…she will be the first one to tell you. There is NEVER a mystery about what is bothering her. I think this type of communication really helps our relationship. Then again she is a woman. Another good example are a lot of Lesbians that I know. Although I think they can move to fast, Lesbians are very good at telling their partners how they feel. They (almost) disregard any type of insecurities or limitiations that the other partner may have or feel. In their mind they feel the way they feel….take it or leave it. I admire than in lesbians. At least it allows them to work through their problems or at least figure out that the other woman may not be on the save wave length. (Note: I am only speaking of my lesbian friends…I am not speaking about lesbians in general so please save your letters and/or e-mails.

Men are totally different. They are the eptiome of cryptic. There is always some underlying message, some underlying question, or an underlying situation that is not said and only subtle clues are being left for the other person to figure out. One of my favourite examples was a roommate I had years ago who started not filling up the ice trays in freezer just because he was mad that he took out the garbage more than I did. When he finally told me I was very confused as to why we couldn’t have a conversation about instead of going down that road.

Gay men are worse! It really has come clear that men are cryptic until the last couple of guys that I’ve dated. (P.S. For the sake of privacy I am not going to ever use the person’s real name…I hope you follow my blog and follow the names that go along with it.) With the last couple of guys that I dated I think there is something that is not being said or something that needs to be said. One of the guys (Buster) would leave these cryptic Facebook statuses all the time in hopes that I would solve the puzzle similar to the one above. I really can’t stand being cryptic. I think what needs to be said needs to get out in the open. Some may say that being cryptic spares the other’s feelings. But I think it is the opposite. I think it is a form of dishonestly that will ultimately lead to an even larger problem or situation that could have been dealt with earlier. This is one of the many reasons why I hate dating so much. I really wish that people would be honest with me and tell me what they really feel. However, I don’t expect much. Being cyptic contributes to my misanthropy…and therefore misanthropy is so underrated.